Mirror Crystal Board

Mirror Crystal Board

Mirror Crystal Board is the highest quality mirrored product available. With a reflective finish and tough protective backing, our family of mirrored products meet or exceeds the quality, durability and performance of any mirrored product on the market today.

It is light weight, shatter resistant and easy to fabricate
Mirror crystal boards are either classic silver or colored. In addition to smooth and high loss surfaces, several metallic satin grades are available which are resistant to finger prints and scratches

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Mirror Crystal Collection : Thickness 2 mm

FOM 034-2

FOM 034-2
Silver Mirror

FOM 03-2

FOM 035-2
Gold Mirror

FOM 056-2
Copper Mirror


FOM 059-2
Grey Mirror

FOM 049-2

FOM 049-2
Light Bronze Mirror

FOM 064-2
Light pink Mirror

Mirror Crystal Collection : Thickness 3 mm


FPM 047-3
Platinum Gold


FOM 046-3
Platinum Silver


  • Stunning high gloss appearance from America innovation

  • Stronger than glass 25 times

  • Half the weight of glass

  • Easy on site fabrication using included double-sided tape and neutral cure silicone

  • Using wood, acrylic or glass machinery for cutting

  • 10 years indoor and outdoor limited UV warranty

  • Easy cleaning

  • Usability Safety

  • Recommend VuPlex accelerated the hardening process. Protecting the surface in first time with micro-fibre cloths after removing film


  • Landmark

  • Railing

  • Wall

  • Balcony

  • Fences

  • Outdoor Furniture

  • Ceilings

  • Balustrade


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