Using Color to Define a Space: Case Study of a Modern Home in Russia

|Monday September 5th, 2016 | Blogs, Inspiration

There are many ways to put color to use at home: bold colors, unexpected color combinations, stylish mixes of neutrals, and many more. Color can also play a role in defining rooms or areas of a home in a way that is clever and visually functional. This open floor plan home in Moscow is a perfect case study.
This modern home is the work of INT2 Architects. Their game plan was to “work with large planes of color, but not in details” (translated from Russian by Google so perhaps not perfect).


The kitchen is framed by dark blue paint, repeated on the interior to give the small room a jewel box feel. Blue paint is carried over to the exterior wall in the patio area (shown below) which is visible from inside the home, reinforcing the geometric box shape.



This box approach is used again to define the sleeping area of the bedroom and evokes feelings of floating in the sky or sea.


In a children’s room, a swath of green on the wall, floor and ceiling helps separate the bed from the rest of the playroom.


A similar green swath is repeated in a grown-up bedroom.


And again in blue in a home office.


This landing is all angles and a corner workspace is delineated with blue paint.

What do you think of using color in this way?


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